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September 2021
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Stepdaughters Orgy

First we met Cherie Deville & Milana Ricci in My Stepdaughter's First Time Squirting and then we met Milana's college girlfriend Chloe Cherry in Honey Please Squirt on My Stepmom. Now, in Part three of the epic sage we meet their friend from college Jill Kassidy in the thrilling finale "Stepdaughters Orgy." Chloe and Milana make Cherie think that their friend Jill is coming over for tea and Cherie has to figure out how to seduce her. Cherie tries her best but she doesn't know what to say to the new girl. Luckily for her the girls had all worked it out in advance and Jill already knew she was there for an orgy. Cherie realizes the joke is on her and she gets embarrassed, but the girls quickly make it up to her by making all her dirty dreams come true. Hot MILF Cherie gets to have sex with three nubile college girls one of whom is her stepdaughter. You won't want to miss this all star lesbian orgy!
Stepdaughters Orgy

Bonus Scene: Love On The Lake

Bonus scene for Labour Day!!! The summer vibes in this outdoor scene with Judy Jolie & Jessie Saint are so sexy! Jessie is laying out on the back of the boat but needs help rubbing lotion on her sexy flat tummy and smooth tan skin. Her girlfriend Judy is only too happy to help her. Rubbing lotion on her girlfriends sexy body gets Judy turned on and things start to get hot and heavy right there in the open. Jessie is nervous to get caught but she doesn't take too much convincing to have sex with her beautiful petite latin girlfriend in the warm summer sun.
Bonus Scene: Love On The Lake

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Massaging My Stepmom 02

Krissy Lynn is back in the sequel to her uber popular scene Massaging My Stepmom now comes Massaging My Stepmom 2. Krissy Lynn is now the aggressor as she tries to convince her other stepdaughter Natalia Nix to be as dirty a masseuse as her stepsister Kyler. After all, she did sent them to the same massage course! Natalia is reluctant at first but Krissy soon seduces her into giving her stepmom a dirty massage right there in their hotel room. hot, nasty taboo lesbian sex ensues!
Massaging My Stepmom 02

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Award Winners

Fansite queen Aali Kali is doing her makeup for a virtual appearance at the online porn awards she is frustrated that her nosey roommate/landlord Katy Jayne is knocking at her door. Aali opens to door and Katy immediately starts peppering her with questions about what she is doing. Aali gets rid of her but key remains suspicious. When the time comes for Aali to accept her award via webcam Katy bursts in the door and accuses Ali of "doing porn" in the middle or her speech! Aali quickly signs off and her and Katy begin to argue. Things are quickly settled when Aali shows Katy her earnings. Katy is shocked Aali is able to earn so much working from home! Aali sees her chance to seduce her conservative Roomate into being her lesbian content partner.
Award Winners

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Seducing Our Professor

College Student Judy Jolie & Madison Summers are pissed off that they are stuck in detention with their sexy but conservative professor Crystal Taylor. The girls come up with a plan to get out of detention and put their strict professor in her place! Madison distracts Crystal while Judy crawls under her desk. when Crystal sits back down Judy starts playing with her pussy! Before Crystal knows what's going on, Madison has her cell phone out recording video and Crystal is busted. Crystal would do anything for the video not to come out so the girls let her off the hook with no more detention... and a few orgasms.
Seducing Our Professor

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