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Aali Kali , Katy Jayne
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Fansite queen Aali Kali is doing her makeup for a virtual appearance at the online porn awards she is frustrated that her nosey roommate/landlord Katy Jayne is knocking at her door. Aali opens to door and Katy immediately starts peppering her with questions about what she is doing. Aali gets rid of...

Tags: Blondes Body Worship Busty Face Riding Kissing MILF Pussy Licking Reluctance Scissoring Seduction Storyline Intro Tribbing

I like the casting of Aaali Kali, she’s been primarily a lesbian performer in her career. That’s important to some fans, and it is to this one, I’d love to see more lesbians and less experienced B/G actresses on lesbian sites.However, and I apologize here, at about the two minute mark she talks to a man on webcam and we hear his voice. Come on already, please, pretty please, I’m begging you – don’t do this. I pay hard earned cash for a male free experience. I don’t want to see men, hear men, nada, on a lesbian site. That right there earned it’s Thumbs Down from me. For me, personally, the casting here needs work, not a fan of Katy’s look (I’m sure plenty are, I’m not – I prefer the natural look, less silicone or injections the better, the less tattoos the better and the younger the better within 2257 statement boundaries). At 06:25ish Aila takes off Katy’s heels, you ignore it, leaving it off camera – always like seeing the heels come off and I love seeing their bare feet – it’s one of THE things I tune into lesbian porn to see, full body shots with their bare feet shown. Foot worship, lesbian, is my holy grail. Panties come off from Katy and there’s nearly a full bush – another turn off for me, I prefer them fully shaven, I love to see the swell of a jutting mons pubis, the nestled clitoris in it’s hood or just peaking it’s pink head out, preferably a puffy pussy with thick labia majora and hidden labia minora (rare in this porn world). Aila has a better trim job on her bush, though it left her with lots of stubble and razor burn. (Katy has bruises on her ass and red marks.) She starts “cumming” within seconds of the first few laps of her pussy, taking the histrionics route. Aila then says, “You’re a natural” – way too many first time lesbian scenes wind up having the first timer acting like it’s old hat to them, like they know their way around a pussy and have done it for years instead of appearing as though they don’t know what they’re doing. Have you ever watched some transwomen’s first time with ciswomen and how they approach eating, fingering or touching the pussy? It’s vastlly different than what this it’s portrayed as in lesbian filmmaking. Overall the first time lesbian top I feel is overdone, and if done right it leads to an awkward oral session as the person isn’t going to be good at it, if done like she’s always been a pussy eater then it takes away the verisimilitude of the scene. And at 20:15 we have the ever-present trib. Not a fan of tribbing, I find it overall to be non believable and the way it’s performed in porn leads to that – oversold, often with little connection. Tribbing lasts for over five minutes – dragged on forever. Can we ever get five minutes of full body shot views? Can we get five minutes of good, non-over the top but erotic instead, foot worship? From 6:07 to 06:16 we get a full body shot; 25:11 to 25:25 we get a full body shot; 27:54 to 28:04 we get another; all said in told in over a half hour of footage you give us less and a minute of full body views, and keep their bare feet off screen as much as you possibly can.
A downvote for simply hearing a man’s voice is ridiculous. I thought this was a great scene. Huge fan of Aali Kali. Would love in future if the “experienced” would ride the “first-timer”s face for the first time she eats pussy. Experienced being more dominant. Still, great scene.
This was a thumbs down not because of the man's voice, since he's part of the "AWARDS CEREMONY!" This got a thumbs down for the EXTREME lack OF "MOMMY TALK...."
Lack of mommy talk??? It’s not a mommy scene... so why on earth would it have mommy talk? A little ridiculous. Same as the mans voice bit. Some of the highest rated scenes had a guy in it or mans voice... not because they are in the scene. But because of the scenario itself. Usually trying not to get caught and such. As long as the guy isn’t involved in the sex and isn’t like watching like some voyeur (many good scenes get ruined because of that), then I’m more then fine with it. Alan usually doesn’t do any of that anyway, so you guys don’t have to worry. Any guy involved is just a means to tell the story. That’s it. As far as this scene goes, I really enjoyed it! I thought the seduction was a little too fast... would have greatly enjoyed more resistance. But other then that, this was a fun scene! Love Katy Jane!