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About Us
Welcome to a new kind of lesbian site…

What’s so new about it you might be asking yourself?

What’s new is the way we work with the models who appear in our scenes! She Seduced Me is the first ever lesbian erotica site that empowers their models as content owners! The models you see in these scenes aren’t hired models, in fact they weren’t paid a fee to appear in these scenes. Instead the models you see performing in these scenes are co-owners of the content. Instead of a modeling fee they received unbranded, 4K copies of the same videos & photos members have access to here!

Why does that matter?

Normally, If a model performs in a lesbian scene she gets paid a one time set modeling fee at the time of production from which she owes a percentage to both her agent and her Uncle Sam. However, when a model puts content on her personal website and clip stores she receives an income for months and years to come from it. In fact, when the model eventually retires the money from her paid scenes is often long since spent, but the residual income she makes from the content she owns keeps on accumulating providing the model with a residual income from her work. All She Seduced Me scenes are co-owned by the models who appear in them.

Not every model has the budget to hire a professional photographer, videographer and editor for their personal content so working with She Seduced Me gives the models the ability to present their fans with high production value lesbian content that they will earn residual income from for years to come without burdening them with upfront production costs.

What kind of lesbian scenes are they?

The site focuses on the “art” of lesbian seduction. The scenes are a collection of high production value erotic scenarios, ranging from funny to intense, where one model seduces the other into hot, steamy, often taboo lesbian sexual encounters.

Don’t be reluctant! Take a look around! She Seduced Me is a collection of lesbian scenes that you can feel good about watching…

- Alan X [Director]

“With the ever increasing direct access to our fans I now have the ability to create and distribute my own content which I LOVE, however it can be extremely expensive to hire a team to produce the high-quality content my fans have come to expect. The fact that Alan (or she seduced me or whatever you are promoting lol) is willing to collaborate with models providing his years of photography videography experience as well as his high-end lighting and photography equipment equipment really makes it possible to give my fans what they are looking for without breaking the bank with production costs! Total win win.” -- Cherie Deville

“I adore working with Alan. He organizes everything to a ’T’ and brings great talent together in a fun, collaborative environment that makes a great day on set. Then add in how fantastic an editor he is, and the speed and ease of getting a great professionally-shot content scene. I always end up with beautiful content that my fans love and I had fun making.” -- Kate Kennedy

“My scene with Kyler Quinn and Krissy Lynn with Alan is already one of the best-selling scenes on my OnlyFans because it's not your typical set-up-a-tripod-and-shoot content scene. I think there is still demand for professionally shot content even though the market is moving towards amateur content on OnlyFans and ManyVids. I feel that people are wanting more personal interaction with performers, and that's why the shift is happening, but they still want to see scenes with a high production value. It's so important for performers to own their content in today's market, and especially during times like this, in the middle of a pandemic. And I believe that the higher the quality of content, the more earning potential you have, which can give performers some stability that didn't previously exist in this industry."” -- Alison Rey

“Working with Alan to make trade content for my AddFriends felt like I was on set with him. Respectful, high-quality content, and really cares about the detail in each shot. He gives just as much effort directing your content as he does on his own productions.” -- Scarlett Sage

“I was very excited when Alan asked me about doing content trade with some beautiful ladies! Alan has directed me in some of my favorite lesbian pornos ever; so I knew the quality would be incredible and the women would be hot! ... He always has original ideas that fit popular themes, and is quite good with the camera. Alan matched me up with sexy girls he knew I would like and we knocked a very hot threesome out of the park! It was amazing to get the content back so fast, edited and all. I instantly got sales from it and it continues to sell like crazy on all my channels.” -- Serene Siren

“I shot two scenes with She Seduced Me alongside beauties Judy Jolie and Alex de La Flor. I had a feeling these scenes would be amazing and I wasn’t disappointed. Working with Alan is easy: he has great vision and his directing puts you at ease. Both scenes were absolutely loved by my OnlyFans members. What I also know is I need to shoot more with Alan!” -- Reagan Foxx

"This has always been a goal of mine: to really direct and work out visions of mine and others how I like, without losing quality. Not to mention how easy and breezy the entire shoot goes. I'm a firm believer in quality over quantity, so any chance I get to feed my viewers 4K, I will take it.” -- Alex de La Flor

"Alan-X is always outstanding. My fans adore the clips and they are some of my top selling videos.” -- Kyler Quinn

“Collaborating with Alan is fun and creative and the content is professional in quality. What I have released has been very well received by fans and is content I feel proud of.” -- London River

"It is always a pleasure and such an honor to work and collaborate with Alan he has such amazing talent and pays such good attention to detail in order to produce the best content possible not only for the audience but also for the talent" -- Kali Roses

“I love working with Alan and will continue to do so for years to come! He’s always extremely professional, fun, and helps me create the best GG content for my fans to enjoy!" -- Nickey Huntsman